NFB Pepsi Refresh Project

Despite my best efforts, I can’t get the widget provided by Pepsi to work, so I’m going with an old-fashioned blog post instead.  The National Federation for the Blind (NFB) is trying to get a $250K grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project; we’ve come close the past few months, but only the top two ideas get the funding each month. If you’d like to vote for the project (you have to sign up for an account to vote, but it’s free) and find out more about NFB’s Youth SLAM (the project they’re trying to get the grant for), check them out here:

You get ten votes a day, but you can only vote for each project once per day, so it’s important to vote every day if you can. (I tend to forget a lot, but even a few votes help, right?) It’s a quick, easy and FREE way to make a difference.

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