O Pioneers!

Through the beauty of eBay, I recently became the proud owner of my very own Perkins Brailler.  It’s a lovely, sturdy model that should make learning braille much easier, and I’m already planning to braille Peanut’s books to make them twin-vision myself.

Unfortunately, the person I bought it from shipped it to me in a big box full of packing peanuts.  This led to Peanut displaying unexpected cannibalism by masticating and attempting to consume his little styrofoam brethren; a screaming, furious toddler having his little mouth swept out by my tender finger as I attempted to rid him of all of the little peanut bits; and a somewhat concerned call to Poison Control.  It also led to the brailler itself being chock-full of styrofoam packing peanuts.

Fortunately, the Kansas State School for the Blind’s Pioneers are here to help!  Evidently, there is a team of volunteers who come in on Tuesdays who tune-up, clean and repair braillers for free.  Peanut and I took a trip to the school yesterday to drop off our brailler, and we’re eagerly looking forward to our return trip to pick it up.

The school’s conveniently located (for us!) at 11th and State here in Kansas City, Kansas; as you enter the campus on State, turn left to the long, low building to find the receptionist.  If he’s out (as he was yesterday because of an injury of some sort), head downstairs to the resource library.  The people we met there were super-nice and super-helpful; they also let me know about the Library of Congress program to certify braille transcribers, which will allow me to volunteer to braille materials for others. All in all, it was a productive day, and I’m super-excited to get started with my braille certification!

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