Pepsi Refresh Project: Audible Easter Eggs

Master Police Officer Don Noha is trying for a Pepsi Refresh Grant to make audible Easter eggs for kids in his area.  I’ve never met Office Noha, but I know what a huge difference these eggs can make:  they make it so kids who can’t see can be just like everyone else by participating in an Easter-egg hunt.  Afterwards, the kids can keep the eggs to be used as toys and therapy devices at home.  (One of the things we’re supposed to work on with Peanut is to have him find things by sound, which will be an important skill if his vision continues to decline.)  It’s a wonderful, inclusive thing to do.  Won’t you help Officer Noha out by voting for his project today?  It’s at

Of course, the NFB is also still vying for a grant for YouthSLAM; you can vote for them at

What an easy way to make a difference!!

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