The Postman Always Rings Twice

Three books for the Literary Braille Transcription Course with two Muppets looking on.

Elmo and Fauxvecita check out the course materials.

The postman really does ring twice!  I was a bit slow getting to the door, so the newly-fixed doorbell ringed a second time as I hurtled across the floor to answer its summons (too late, I’m sad to say, to keep Peanut from being woken up by the loud BING-BONG). Ignoring Efrit’s muttered comment of “you just had to fix the doorbell,” I opened the door to greet the mailman, who handed me a huge brown box with the warning, “It’s heavy.”

He wasn’t kidding–it was probably 10 pounds plus!  On the day I’d decided to email the NFB to see if my application for transcription classes had been accepted, my course materials arrived!  They’re huge and intimidating–I don’t think the picture adequately captures how thick these are.  There are two binders and a paper-bound brailled book; the materials are about 6″ thick altogether. I have no idea where I’m going to store them all; at the rate I’m going, I think I need a special brailling workstation to store everything (brailler, books, materials, eraser, slate, stylus, flash cards, learning materials, and so on and so forth).

This looks like a lot of work, but I really want to make a difference, and I think it may well be a huge help to Peanut in the future if he’s got his own braille transcriber at his beck and call, so I guess it’s time to, yet again, hit the books.

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