Dots for Tots Rocks!!

I am so excited–Peanut’s first Dots for Tots book came today!!

Dots for Tots is a program offered by the Braille Institute.  As explained on their Web site,

Blind boy reading using Dots for TotsThese multisensory storybook kits, designed specifically for visually impaired preschoolers, help parents introduce their children to basic braille construction. Each popular picture book features uncontracted braille overlays (grade 1), along with a descriptive audiotape and plastic toys that represent characters or objects in the story.

Although the Web site says that the program is available to kids age 3 and older, our CCVI teacher was able to get Peanut enrolled early.  (I am guessing early enrollment is available if you go through a teacher, but it’s 3 and up if you contact the Braille Institute directly.  I could be wrong, however, so if you don’t have a teacher to go through and your kiddos under 3, by all means, give them a call and find out.)

The postman rang the doorbell during Peanut’s nap and gave us another large box.  Inside, we found a treasure trove!

Peanut's first Dots for Tots book kit includes a twin-vision book, a packet of "instant snow," an audio recording of the book, and a snowman toy.

Peanut's first Dots for Tots book kit--it's all about snow!

There’s a twin-vision picture book with fun things to touch (the illustrations include fuzzy snowflake, crinkly ‘snow’, and the like); a brand-spanking-new Melissa and Doug snowman stacker toy so Peanut can feel what a Snowman looks like (and build one over and over again, regardless of the weather); a packet of instant snow, just add water!; and an audio recording of the book. I’m so excited I about can’t see straight!

If you’d like to find out more about the Braille Institute and Dots for Tots, check out their Web site at


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