Braille Reading Pals 2011

Registration for the 2011 Braille Reading Pals program is now open!  This program provides parents and kids with a free twin-vision book (both braille and print text) to read together, quarterly braille activity sheets to use together, and a monthly newsletter with ideas to help promote early braille literacy.

Peanut checks out his twin-vision book from last year.

Peanut checks out his copy of _The Belly Button Book_ from last year's club.


The twin-vision books are perfect for us, since we’re both learning braille and Peanut can still see.  We’ve made enough progress that he now touches the pages of books to feel for the braille; he’s not reading it yet, per se, but he’s aware of its existence, which is a huge step.  In the photo at the right, he’s checking out the pictures in his book from last year’s program, Sandra Boynton’s The Belly Button Book.  Boynton’s pictures tend to be relatively simple and high-contrast (there’s not tons on a page, which creates visual ‘noise’ and makes it hard for vision-impaired kiddos to see), plus they’re cute and her stories are clever, so her books are big favorites of ours–and Peanut definitely likes this one!

If you’re interested in joining the club, you can register at It’s completely, totally, 100% free for you and your vision-impaired tot to join–and you get a free book!  How great is that?

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