Adventures in Reading: That’s not my puppy . . .

The front cover of a twin-vision edition of That's not my puppy . . .That’s not my puppy . . . by Fiona Watts, illustrated by Rachel Wells.

If you’re looking for a fun twin-vision book to share with your little ones, That’s not my puppy . . . is a great pick.  It’s the first book in Watts and Wells’ That’s not my . . . series, which features a small white mouse looking at several things that aren’t quite right before finding the one that’s his.  The cover of the book is bright red, which makes it high-contrast all on its own–Peanut has an easy time locating this book and pulling it off the shelf.  The cover also starts the story; this puppy isn’t the right one because “its coat is too hairy.”

An interior set of pages of the That's not my puppy . . . book.  This one features a puppy whose ears are too shaggy.The story continues with five more puppies, each featured on a set of facing pages.  There is a fair amount of background “noise” on the first puppy, a pink poodle, but the rest are high-contrast without backgrounds to speak of.  Peanut’s favorite puppy is featured at the right–its ears are very shaggy indeed!

Making this book even better to share with Peanut is the fact that it’s a twin vision book:  this is the first book we received through Seedlings’ Book Angel program.  Your kids will be able to enjoy petting the puppies, regardless of how well they can see the puppies themselves, and they’ll be able to read along with you as they explore the Grade 1 (uncontracted) braille.

You can get a twin vision copy of That’s not my puppy . . . at Seedlings for $8 here:\

You can also get a twin vision copy at the Blind Children’s Fund for $8 here:


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