Cool tool: Prescription Goggles!

Maybe it’s because I’m decidedly non-athletic, but I never realized that you can get prescription goggles!  These will make it so I can leave Peanut’s glasses in our locker while we swim, but he’ll still be able to see.

Photograph of Peanut's goggles and case on a blue background.

Peanut's goggles came with a bright red case with a carabiner that will allow us to take them with us easily--and find them easily in our gym bag!

I’m told that these are sometimes available for us near-sighted folks at sporting goods stores like Dick’s, but the lenses will both be the same strength.  If you go to Kid’s Specs, like we did, you can get a custom pair on the spot with the lenses at two different strengths to closer match your kid’s prescription (lenses are only available in certain predetermined strengths.  They do have lenses for both near-sighted and far-sighted people.)  We did this on Friday with no notice and virtually no waiting; they’re fitted for Peanut’s face and his prescription, and they cost us a bit under $55!  I’m so excited to try them out!

Kid’s Specs doesn’t have a Web site that I know of; I’ve provided their address and telephone number below.  They have Peanut’s prescription on file, so they already knew what strengths to use for his goggles; if you don’t already use Kid’s Specs, you may want to bring a copy of your ‘script with you.  I have no idea if they’ll ship if you’re not in the metro area, but they may have suggestions for other places you can get goggles like these.

4820 West 111th Street, Leawood, KS 66211-1601

(913) 888-7760 ‎

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