Neigh, Oink, Maaah Maaah Maaah

During a recent Target excursion (aaaahh, Tarrrgeeeaaayyyyy), Peanut and I discovered little plastic farm animals in the $1 aisle.  They are, predictably, $1 each, and each has a big round tag that says “Farm Animal With Sound.”  We scored a horse (these come in different colors if a white unicorn wannabe isn’t your style), pig and ram:

Picture of our three toys:  horse is on the left rear, pig on the right, and sheep laying down at center.

Our three farm animals with sound.

If you’re able to get a few of these, you’ll be able to have little farm animals for your kiddos to handle while you read that make noise instead of being just little farm animals.  The noises are pretty realistic.  You push in a little stopper in the center of the critter’s tummy to get it to talk.  I’d definitely say to use these with supervision, because I’m not convinced that those stoppers are in there all that well (the labels say ages 3+, but I hear that Peanut may stay oral for a while because of his vision, so in case your kiddo also likes to taste-test everything–keep an eye on the soundbox on these).  They’re a cheap educational toy–and Peanut thinks they’re fab.

Happy shopping!

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