Adventures in Reading: Thesaurus Rex

Note:  It is currently FREEZING here in Kansas City (literally–it’s a balmy 31 degrees Farenheit at the moment, and there are at least 8″ of snow on the ground), so our adventures for the next few weeks are going to tend towards the literary.  We’ll hopefully get back to our out-of-the-house adventuring soon!

Thesaurus Rex, written by Laya Steinberg and illustrated by Debbie Harter

Front cover of Thesaurus Rex, soft-cover book.For reasons I cannot fathom, Thesaurus Rex is currently one of Peanut’s favorite books.  He will haul it over to me or Efrit and insist that we read it immediately, over and over again.  Don’t get me wrong:  it’s an adorable book with cute, brightly-colored illustrations.  Many of them are fairly “busy,” however, so I would’ve thought that the pictures would be hard for Peanut to see.  For this book recommendation, I am letting the vision-impaired toddler lead the way.

Interior pages of Thesaurus Rex
These are probably the two “simplest” illustrations in the book–the rest are much busier. Rex usually appears several times on each pair of pages.

Thesaurus Rex tells the story of a young dinosaur as he goes through his day.  Each event has at least four synonyms:  at right, for instance, “Thesaurus Rex drinks his milk: Sip, Sup, Swallow, Swill.”  The words sound good when read out loud, and there’s a lot of alliteration and rhyme, which makes it fun to listen to.  I can’t swear that every vision-impaired kid will be as fond of the book as Peanut, but there’s something about this book that really works for him–he loves the pictures as much as the words.  It might be worth a read with your own kids.

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