Adventures in Reading: Baby’s First Farm

The cover of our copy of Baby's First Farm.  It features a photo of two bright yellow ducklings against a kelly green background.Baby’s First Farm, published by Hinkler Books.

When we first started this adventure of raising a vision-impaired child, or, rather, when we first discovered we were on this adventure, one of the suggestions we received for books was to get simple, high-contrast picture books with real pictures, preferably with one photo per page.  Although I haven’t found many books that meet this requirement, Baby’s First Farm definitely fits the bill.

Each page of this book features a photograph, a large print word describing the photograph (“tools,” “boots,” “rooster,” etc.), and a single-color background.Interior pages of the book; the left has a goat on a white background, and the right has a pony on a red background. The left page’s background is white; the right facing page’s background is a bright color.  Our copy is ex-libris (i.e. it’s from a library book sale and used to be in circulation at a public library), so it’s seen better days, but even with the distracting pen scribbles on many of the pages (not done by my toddler, might I note), Peanut still really enjoys this book.

It’s worked well for us as a drill book, too, helping him ID the items in the different photos.  I choose to believe it’s also helping him learn print English, although I have no definitive proof of that.  Now, if only I knew how to get ballpoint pen off of board books . . .

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One Response to Adventures in Reading: Baby’s First Farm

  1. Kathy Alstrin says:

    1. An eraser (pencil eraser)
    2. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
    3. Rubbing alcohol
    4. Dry cleaning solvent
    5. Carpet cleaner
    6 . Acetone (acetone based nail polish remover)
    7. Hairspray

    Read more: How to Erase Ball Point Ink |

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