Hey! I’m famous!

One of my favorite blogs is Sesame Family Robinson–I check it almost every day, even though they don’t update it too terribly often (more’s the pity).  Back in December, Annie Evans posted about how her twin girls adore Elmo, which is hard on her husband, Marty Robinson, because they’d only said “elly” once (Marty is the voice behind everyone’s favorite neurotic muppet, Telly.)  I sympathize; I can imagine what it must be like to be a muppetteer and have your moppets virtually ignore your muppet.  It’s got to be even worse if said muppet has visited your home and interacted with your children on more than one occasion (there are videos on their blog–check it out).  I mean, surely, the live-in-the-fur muppet should get some recognition over the bright-red muppet picture in a children’s book?  Evidently, not so much.

When Peanut first discovered Elmo, Kathy told us that part of the reason Peanut was likely Elmo-obsessed is because Elmo’s red:  the first color we see as our eyes develop their little rods and cones is red.  I figured it might make Marty feel a little bit better if they knew that Elmo had a bit of an unfair advantage in the color department, so I dropped a quick line to let them know.

Today, when I checked the blog–I got a response!  I never thought to hear anything back–let alone be included on the blog. Check it out here:  http://www.sesamestreet.org/parents/blog/-/blogs/the-elmo-phenomenon?_33_redirect=%2Fparents%2Fblog

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