Cool tool: Binoculars with separately-adjustable optics

My parents are inveterate yard-, garage- and estate-salers.  Virtually every weekend during the “season,” they’re out and about checking out bargains at sales throughout the county.  This has resulted in Peanut having an enviable wardrobe and an impressive Elmo collection (most of which, thank God, live at Grandma and Grandfathers’ house) as well as a variety of odd curios making their way into my and my parents’ homes.  (Truly odd, some of them–I have a pair of brass candlestick bells.  No, really.  Candlesticks that are also bells.  They drive Efrit insane.  Peanut, of course, loves them.)

On one of their adventures, Mom and Dad found a pair of binoculars for Efrit.  My husband can’t use regular binoculars very well:  he’s also vision-impaired, and he can’t get them to adjust so that he can really see anything.  Dad thought these binoculars might work because their optics are separately adjustable.  (In other words, you can adjust each side to fit that eye’s needs.)

I’d never heard of binoculars like these, and, in fact, had been told that binoculars generally don’t work for the visually-impaired because they wouldn’t adjust separately for each eye.  The binoculars pictured above are made by Bushnell, so I contacted them directly to see if this feature is still available.  Their response is below:

All but perma focus binoculars these days will have the ability to focus each side for someone’s eye sight.  This is in most cases accomplished with a diopter adjustment on the right eye piece.  So what you would do is focus your left eye with the center focus with the right side covered and both eyes open. Then you would cover the left side and focus your right eye with the diopter adjustment on the eyepiece with both eyes open. Once this is accomplished the binocular will be adjusted to the individuals eyes and the center focus will adjust for both eyes since each side is modified for the difference in the persons eyesight from one eye to the other. I hope this helps and that you have a wonderful day.

As I understand it (and I am by no means an expert), Bushnell sells top-of-the-line binoculars, and they’re correspondingly expensive.  If you want to check out their stock, the binoculars section of their Web site is available here:

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