Adventures in Reading: Sam Loves Kisses

Photograph of the cover of Sam Loves Kisses.

Sam Loves Kisses by Yves Got.  Published by Chronicle Books LLC.

Sam Loves Kisses by Yves Got is easily one of Peanut’s favorite books.  It features simple, brightly colored illustrations on light backgrounds (the backgrounds of all of the illustrations save one are white).

Interior pages of Sam Loves Kisses.

Interior pages from the book; this is the one picture where the background isn't white.

It’s a cute story about different types of kisses from Mommy, Daddy and grandparents featuring a family of very cute bunnies.

I was not, unfortunately, able to find a twin-vision copy of this book online.  It is, however, a simple enough story (and the words are generally opposite from the pictures, so the sticky braille sheets won’t blur the pictures), that it will probably be first on my lists of books to braille once our braille sheets come in.

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