Adventures in Reading: Baby Nose to Baby Toes

The cover of Baby Nose to Baby Toes by Vicky CeelenFrom what Efrit tells me, Peanut picked Vicky Ceelen’s Baby Nose to Baby Toes out at the library all by himself.  My little boy has good taste:  this is a cute book. From our first reading last night, I can attest that Peanut, at least, can see the pictures, as he was able to identify different body parts in pictures of faces (eyes, noses, etc.) of both humans and animals.

Each set of pages features a picture of a human baby on the left facing page and an animal photo on the right facing page.  There’s a simple rhyme that starts on the first page and ends on the second.  It’s designed to point out similarities between little humans and our animal friends.  There is one photo of a baby nursing and a puppy nursing and one photo of the very bottom of a baby’s backside and chubby little legs paired with a similar shot of an elephant; I don’t personally find either set of photos offensive in the least, but I can see where some people might.  If you’re super-sensitive, you might want to skip this book.

A set of interior pages in Baby Nose to Baby Toes.When we first started trying to find books for Peanut, we were told that finding books like this, with photographs on high-contrast backgrounds, would be ideal.  This is one of the first books of this type I’ve found that actually has a traditional rhymed ‘story’ with it and features what I would call artistic photographs (basically, these are good photos that look like they were taken by an artist/photographer as opposed to very simple photos provided by a photographer going for something more basic).  In a lot of ways, it makes me think of a regular children’s book with great illustrations that’s presented in a format that Peanut can enjoy.  In that, I can’t help but recommend this book for other VI children.

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