Adventures in Reading: Books Are for -Eating- Reading

The cover of Books are for -Eating- ReadingI love Suzy Becker’s Books are for Eating Reading.  Back when Peanut was super-oral, I thought it was absolutely brilliant to have a book designed to be gnawed on by the preschool set.  It has an oval opening at the upper left that works as a handle, making it easy for toddlers to carry, and the two open corners each have a different rubber chewable covering–they add both color and texture to the book.

TAn interior shot from the book.he inside of the book features a cute story about what not to eat and high-contrast illustrations that work great for my VI kiddo.  If your child is (or was) hyper-oral like Peanut was, you’ll enjoy this book:  it covered all of the interesting things Peanut would put in his mouth, plus some he didn’t quite think of (fortunately, Peanut never dined on a house plant).  All in all, it’s a cute book with a cute story, and I definitely recommend it.

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