Lauri Shape and Color Sorter

Grandma and Peanut play with the shape sorter at my parents' house. There are chairs and Elmos in the background.

Grandma and Peanut play with the shape sorter.

Sometime over the winter, Dad came home bearing the Lauri Shape & Color Sorter.  I have no idea where he got it–to be honest, neither does he–but this is one of the neatest toys Peanut has to play with at my parents’ house.

As it says on the box, this toy “promotes dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and sorting skills.” It does this beautifully for Peanut:  he practices putting the 2 5/8″ pegs in the holes on the 11 1/2″ crepe rubber sorting board.  Essentially, this has him set the pegs vertically into relatively small holes.  Each of the shape pieces is textured on one side and smooth on the other, providing tactile interest.  The shapes can be sorted by color or by shape onto the pegs, or they could be arranged to be smooth or bumpy-side-up.  Peanut does beautifully putting the shapes on the pegs by color–again, the holes are fairly small, so he has to line them up pretty carefully.

According to the box, these are washable–we haven’t tried yet, but this is a plus for the germ-concerned.  They’re latex-free if your little one has allergies.  They are definitely a favorite toy of Peanut’s when he’s visiting his grandparents–he plays with them for 20+ minutes at a stretch.  Dad definitely hit it out of the park with this one!

Given the shapes and textures of the toy and its popularity with my own VI munchkin, I’m comfortable recommending this toy for other blind/VI children.  You can get your own Shape and Color Sorter online at
The front of the toy box.

The top of the toy box.

The bottom of the box

The box's bottom, with more information about the toy.

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