The Adventures of Little Quack

A bright yellow plush basket made to look like a duckling is at the top of the photo; a bright red duck-shaped pop bead is lying on its side in the basket. Beneath the basket to the left is a yellow duck-shaped bead sitting upright. At the bottom of the photo, blue, green and yellow duck-shaped pop beads are attached in a row.

Our duck basket and five duck pop beads.

Last Spring, our Dots for Tots set included Little Quack’s Bedtime, a plush duck Easter basket and five duck pop beads.  The pop beads nestle in the basket like the ducklings in the story nestle under their mama’s wings; together, the basket and beads make a great tactile illustration for the story.

Photo of the front covers of _Little Quack Loves Colors and Little Quack's BedtimeThe Little Quack books are board books with brightly-colored illustrations featuring a white Mama Duck and her five yellow ducklings, Widdle, Waddle, Piddle, Puddle and Little Quack.  The illustrations aren’t as simple as I’d like for Peanut, but they are brightly colored, and they’re not as complicated as illustrations in Guess How Much I Love You or many of the Sesame Street books, for example.  We have two twin-vision Little Quack books here at home, and we’ve gotten others on loan from the Kenneth Jernigan Library for Blind Children, so I can attest that they’re readily available; the basket and beads would work to illustrate any of the stories.

If your little guy or gal likes music, the set also works great with the Five Little Ducks song.  There are actions that go with the song, too; I’ve found that I can adapt most of the actions to use the toys so there’s something more for Peanut to hold on to.  The video below shows both the song and actions to go with it–admittedly, there are more actions on here than I’d learned when doing the song at the library!

Seedlings offers a twin-vision board book of Little Quack Loves Colors for $6.  I was able to find duck pop beads online at HearthSong for $7.98 for a set of 12.  There are a variety of plush duck baskets available online, including one at Oriental Trading Company for $10 and one at Amazon for $22.50; I see similar items in stores around Easter frequently.

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