Custom Braille T-Shirts . . . With Crystals!

Photograph of a blonde woman wearing a black t-shirt with "Reading is fun." in braille on the front.  The braille is made with small white crystals.While roaming the internet one evening, I came across  You can order customized t-shirts, tote bags, etc. with the brailled words of your choice.  The sample shirts on the home page are pretty cute, and everything’s correct as best as I can tell.  (I’ve found, while browsing “brailled” items on Etsy and elsewhere, that many people purporting to sell “brailled” items have absolutely no idea what they’re doing–or writing.)

Alice Woodside Lynch, the woman who owns the site, became interested in braille by virtue of Daredevil, a blind superhero. She has since learned that she has macular degeneration, which inspired her to become braille literate, and she’s gone on to complete coursework to become a transcriber.  As she says on her site,

Driving, I can work around that.  Reading?  That’s a huge part of my life.  I am well aware that there are audio books out there.  I get them from the library for long trips.  However, there’s nothing like reading to yourself.  With that diagnosis, I decided that I’d start right away to learn braille, and if possible, I wanted to also learn to do textbook transcription.  There should be no reason that blind students can’t have the same texts as their sighted peers.  Literacy is way too important, and as a transcriber, I might be able to make a difference in a few lives.

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