Wonderbaby.org’s Best Christmas Toys for Blind Children

I was searching the internet today and came across Wonderbaby.org’s list of Best Christmas Toys for Blind Children.  They’ve got some interesting ideas on their list, and some toys that we’ve already got here for Peanut.  You can check out their list at http://www.wonderbaby.org/articles/best-christmas-toys-blind-children#toddler-toys.

Rather than reposting their list here, I’m adding comments about the toys on the list that we’ve got so you’ve got a second opinion.

  • Hasbro Playskool Lullaby Gloworm–You can set our gloworm to either silent or musical, which is nice if you’ve had a long day and just don’t want to hear it sing.  It plays classical music.  Peanut likes to use it as a projectile (in other words–he doesn’t care for it, and, when it was placed in his playpen, would hurl it across the room).  Sprout thinks it’s pretty interesting, although it doesn’t play music as long as she’d like.  I thought it would be great for our little guy who’s scared of the dark, but no such luck.
  • Vtech Move & Crawl Ball.  Profoundly irritating–this is one of those toys that gets lonely if you don’t play with it and starts to move and make more noise.  Peanut’s godmother gave us ours as a hand-me-down from her own boys, who loved it.  (They’re both sighted.)  Its giggle makes me cringe.  Peanut’s interested in it because it’s a ball and it makes noise, but he hasn’t played the games on it (finding the bunny, etc.), even though the animals it asks you to find are moulded so could be found by touch.
  • Vtech Rhyme & Discover Book.  Peanut LOVES it.  It has manipulatives inside to get the different rhymes to play–they’re all Mother Goose poems, except for the Old McDonald Had a Farm on the last page.  The book sings the words to the first part of each song, then plays the music for you to finish the song.  I’ve thought about brailling mine and profiling it in this blog–it really is an awesome toy, although it can also be irritating and doesn’t seem to have an off switch.  (We’ve looked.)
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