Activity Songs

As the weather outside gets colder and windier, I thought it was high time to compile a list of some of our favorite activity songs.  These are all songs that you can move to indoors with your kiddo and that you can use to help wear him/her out on those days that it’s too yucky out to go outside.

Warning:  Some of these songs are not so good about getting back out of your head once they’re in it.  You may find yourself saying “Form the corn, form form the corn” or “a tootie ta ta!” to yourself for weeks after watching some of these videos.  You have been warned.

Dr. Jean’s Banana Dance

At a recent conference at the Kansas State School for the Blind (KSSB), Efrit was introduced to Dr. Jean’s Banana Dance.  It has since become a favorite at our household–even Sprout has been known to form the corn, form form the corn (albeit with help).

If you’re not able to see the actions in the video, I’ve described them below:

  1. Form the banana–raise your right arm, then your left.
  2. Peel the banana–lower your right arm, then your left.
  3. Go bananas–wiggle and gyrate all over the place!
  4. Form the corn–raise your right arm, then your left.
  5. Shuck the corn–lower your right arm, then your left.
  6. Pop the corn–hop in place, like a corn kernel popping.
  7. Form the mango–raise your right arm, then your left.
  8. Peel the mango–lower your right arm, then your left.
  9. Do the tango–dance!  (Dr. Jean looks like she’s doing the meringue like Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing–I don’t think anyone’s going to criticize you if your dance isn’t a tango here.)
  10. Form the orange–raise your right arm, then your left.
  11. Peel the orange–lower your right arm, then your left.
  12. Squeeze the orange–hug yourself!
  13. Form the tomato–raise your right arm, then your left.
  14. Peel the tomato–lower your right arm, then your left.
  15. Pubbt the ketchup–make a fist with your right hand, and hit one side of it with your left hand while making a “pubbt” sound.  This is supposed to look like you’re hitting the bottom of a ketchup bottle to get the ketchup to come out.
  16. Form the carrot–lift your right arm, then your left.
  17. Peel the carrot–lower your right arm, then your left.
  18. FFt the bunny–put your hands up to your head to form bunny ears, and hop making a “fft” noise like a bunny.  (Bunnies are pretty quiet, so “fft” is the noise they used here.)
  19. Form the avocado–raise your right arm, then your left.
  20. Peel the avocado–lower your right arm, then your left.
  21. Guacamole–go wild!  Pretty much the same as go bananas, just a veggie instead of a fruit.


The Tootie Ta

This one is a favorite of Miss Sunny, our children’s librarian.  The actions are described in the song–and I highly recommend singing along (you’ll catch on fast!).


The Cupid Shuffle

This is another follow-along song, but to a catchier beat. (The KSSB had this in their leisure activity session, too.)


We Are the Dinosaurs

Here in the Phouka-Efrit household, we’re HUGE Laurie Berkner fans.  Since we discovered her at Story Time, we have bought two CDs and fallen madly in love with her songs.  This is one of Peanut’s favorites.  Everyone gets in a circle and marches around like a dinosaur–and does actions for the special parts of the song.


I Know a Chicken

Easily Peanut’s favorite song of all time; he can do all of the motions perfectly.  This is another one where you follow along with what the song tells you to do.  Berkner sells shaky eggs at her Web site, you can purchase them at many toy stores, or you can make your own with a plastic Easter egg and some beans.

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