Trolley Run 2012

Peanut runs down a sidewalk away from the camera.
Peanut’s started training for Trolley Run 2012!

Did you know that you can already sign up for the 2012 Trolley Run?  You can sign up, create a team and start fundraising by visiting  Just think–you can sign up now, commit to supporting a good cause, and even get to deduct your donations from your 2011 taxes!  (This is, of course, assuming that you donate in 2011.  I’m not a tax advisor, so I encourage you to consult your tax advisor regarding any deductions and all that stuff.  I’m not responsible for your taxes, kay?)

Not a runner?  Not a problem.  Last year, I Trolley Waddled while pregnant with my daughter, Sprout; Peanut Trolley Toddled, being slightly over 2 years old at the time; and Efrit gamely Trolley Walked with us.  I assure you, if I can walk 4 miles successfully while 4 months pregnant, you can do it while living alone in your body.
Still not convinced?  No problem!  You can also register as a couch potato.  That’s right.  You get to register, have that great feeling of supporting a good cause, and you don’t have to do a thing the morning of April 29, 2012.  While the rest of us are out there walking, you get to sleep in for a good cause.  What could be better?
You don’t want to register?  No problem!  We’ll be glad to take your money.  You can make a donation, feel great about supporting a good cause . . . and leave it at that.  You can make a general donation, or pick an individual or a Family Team to support to help them reach their fundraising goal.  How cool is that?


CCVI works miracles for children like Peanut.  Every time I drop him off at preschool, fellow parents share stories of how they were told their children “will never X, Y or Z”–and now, because of CCVI, those same children who other doctors and professionals said “would never” are doing, and are doing beyond their wildest dreams.  It’s amazing.  CCVI truly meets its mission of helping blind and visually impaired children, including those with multiple disabilities, achieve their highest potential in the sighted world.
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