Free Tax Preparation in the KC Metro Area

Need help preparing your taxes, but you don’t want to spend the cash to go to a professional tax preparer?  This program might be for you.  Details follow:

United Way is once again partnering with the KC CASH Coalition to provide free tax preparation at sites throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. Households earning less than $57,000 are eligible to prepare their own electronic returns with the help of a tax coach.  Households earning less than $50,000 can work with an IRS-certified volunteer who will complete the return for them.

Last year United Way and KC CASH helped metro residents save almost $1.4 million in preparation fees and generated $7.5 million in federal and state refunds for our local community.  Taxpayers will also receive financial education resources,  financial coaching and access to help in preparing small business tax returns at selected sites.

. . . Please call United Way 2-1-1 (or 816-474-5112) for site-specific services, such as small business tax returns.  Call Specialists can help with information about program eligibility, updates on wait times, scheduling changes or weather-related closures.

KC CASH has a variety of marketing materials that you can access on their website:

KC CASH Coalition

If you have questions, please contact Julie Riddle: or 816-559-4739.

For a .pdf with list of sites, opening dates and times and necessary documentation, click here:  2012 FREE TAX PREP SITES.

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