Chomp! The Crocodile Dentist

If you’re looking for a fun, easy game to play with a toddler, the Crocodile Dentist is it.  The game itself is super simple:  players take turns pushing down the crocodile’s teeth until the crocodile’s mouth chomps down on a player’s finger.  That person is then “out,” and the rest keep on playing until there’s only one person left.  The game’s great for little guys and gals who are too young to grasp more complicated rules (Peanut, for instance, can’t quite grasp Hi-Ho Cherry-O! or Uno Moo just yet), and it’s a good tool for teaching them to take turns (which, if Peanut’s any indication, is something they definitely need help with).

Photograph of the Crocodile Dentist game, both in and out of its box.

Photo from

This game is also perfect to play with someone who’s blind or visually impaired.  The game itself is a 3-D crocodile, so they can feel the shape of the animal.  Its body is plastic, and its jaws are a light metal (likely aluminum).  The teeth that poke up out of its bottom jaw are each little tactile wonders, and they’re easy to discriminate, no matter how well you see.

To set the game, you just open up the crocodile’s upper jaw until it clicks into place.  It will then chomp down when just the right tooth is pushed—and it’s a different tooth each time.  I can personally avow that it doesn’t hurt when the crocodile bites you, although it’s surprising enough that I’ve jumped and squeaked a few times.  (This, I think, is a plus for Peanut!) The jaw has popped off a time or two, but I’ve found it relatively easy to fix by snapping it back into place.  Since the toy cost me around $10 off of Amazon’s Web site, I’m ok with it not being as sturdy.

Peanut loves this game, to put it mildly.  He loves it when the crocodile chomps, and he’ll even take the crocodile around to chomp different people and body parts (it has gone after my nose a time or two).  He hasn’t quite gotten the concept of “out” yet, but he still has a great time with the toy, pushing down teeth and waiting to see people jump and squeal—although he tends to jump, squeal and dance in excitement regardless of who the crocodile chomps down on.

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