The NFB BELL Program

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The National Federation of the Blind Braille Enrichment for Literacy and Learning (BELL) Program has expanded exponentially this year. Modeled after a successful summer program created by the Maryland affiliate in 2008, the BELL Program has grown to 19 programs in 10 states.  The NFB Bell Program is designed to provide children ages 4-12 with two weeks of intense Braille instruction through fun, hands-on learning and activities.  The program targets children who may not be receiving adequate Braille instruction during their school day.  In addition to Braille, children will also make crafts, play games, and engage in other projects. Children may also have the opportunity to attend field trips related to the NFB BELL curriculum.

~Get involved!  The easiest way is to send your kids to the BELL Program for two weeks of Braille fun.  However, if you don’t have or know of any children to encourage to attend, there are still many ways to help with the NFB BELL Program!  There is a job for everyone!  If you like to cook, you could help plan meals. If you like to network and meet people, you could find donations or plan field trips.  If you don’t have a task in mind but want to help anyway, we always need help preparing materials for crafts projects.  The NFB BELL Program is an important program that changes the lives of both the children who attend and the adults who volunteer.  You have an exciting chance to be a part of that!

The 2012 NFB BELL States are:

Colorado Springs: Diane McGeorge at or 303-321-4268
Metro Denver: Diane McGeorge at or 303-321-4268

Atlanta: Shelby Ball at or 678-814-3372
Savannah: Denise Howard at or 912-925-3860
Valdosta: Shaquantaey Mack at or 478-232-3971

Contact Ramona Walhof at or 208-338-1595

Baltimore: Melissa Riccobono at or 410-235-3073
Glendale: Melissa Riccobono at or 410-235-3073

Contact Kristina Constant at or 413-532-5654

Contact Kim Adams at or 402-666-5505

North Carolina
Contact Gary Ray at or 828-505-0299

Abilene: Sylvia Eckdahl at or 325-823-4060
Austin: Richie Flores at or 512-796-9638
Beaumont: Richie Flores at or 512-796-9638
Houston: Louis Maher at or 713-444-7838

Contact Wendy Bybee at or 801 965-1113

Arlington: Sandy Halverson at or 703-379-1141
Richmond: CJ Fish at or 252-916-4655
Virginia Beach: Theresa Willis at or 757-286-9407

The NFB BELL homepage is available at .  Apply Online!!

For general BELL questions, or how you can become an NFB BELL state next year, please contact:

Emily Gibbs M.Ed NCLB
Education Program Specialist
Jernigan Institute
200 East Wells Street
at Jernigan Place
Baltimore, MD 21230
Phone: (410) 659-9314 ext. 2407
Fax: (410) 659-5129

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