Thank You

Peanut and Efrit get ready to start the 2012 Trolley Run

THANK YOU to everyone who ran, walked, waddled, skipped, jogged, wheeled, toddled, rode or otherwise participated in the 24th Annual Sabates Eye Centers Trolley Run on April 29, 2012!  It was a cold, wet morning, and we were touched to see so many people out in the yuck to support us–it really meant a lot.  With your help, we’ve raised over $350,000 for CCVI so it can continue with its mission to help Peanut and other children like him reach their highest potential in the sighted world.

If you weren’t able to race but would still like to help, you can make a donation by visiting and donating to the team of your choice.  Every donation makes a difference.

We hope to see you next year, on April 28, 2013, for the 25th Annual Trolley Run!  (We also hope for nicer weather–although we’ll be there, rain or shine, and hope you’ll be there, too.)

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