US Blind Tandem Cycling Connection

I heard about this organization through a mailing list I’m on and thought I’d share it with you.  As explained on their Web site,

The U.S. Blind Tandem Cycling Connection endeavors to increase the participation of individuals who are visually impaired or blind in the exhilarating sport of tandem cycling.

We serve as a resource to:

  • Connect blind and visually impaired cyclists with sighted cyclists
  • Educate people about tandem cycling
  • Disseminate information about cycling clubs, events, and opportunities
  • Address the needs of the blind tandem cycling community

If a program like Lose the Training Wheels isn’t right for you or your kiddo, maybe tandem cycling would be.  Think of it like a high-speed sighted guide technique, except in this case, the guide is going exactly where you’re going, and you’re connected by virtue of the bike.

You can find out more at their Web site,  I’ve also pasted the email I received about the program below:

With Spring in full swing, what better way to enjoy the fresh air, than on a bicycle! The US Blind Tandem Cycling Connection is a free resource, dedicated to matching interested, blind participants with sighted, tandem captains.

Even if you do not own a tandem, there are most likely  cyclists in your area with one to share with you. So, visit the below website, create your  profile, and use your zip code to search for cyclists, convenient to both of you. The site provides tutorials to make  your first ride one that is enjoyable and safe. You can also communicate with potential riders anonymously, through the site. This way, you can keep your contact information safe until you are ready to share it.

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