A little of this, a little of that

Peanut loves to cook.  He likes pouring in ingredients, stirring mixes, peeling onions, breaking up broccoli–you name it, he’s a fan.  Helping us in the kitchen is one of his favorite things to do.

A few months ago, our TVI mentioned that there was a cooking series on You Tube with blind chefs.  I’m to a point where I’d like to find some specialized tools for Peanut, if they exist, and find out adaptive strategies for areas where there aren’t special tools.  (I’m thinking of things like measurements–how do you tell where 1 cup is versus 3/4 cup, etc. on the measuring cup?  What’s a good way to tell a simmer from a boil without getting super-close to the water and potentially cooking yourself?)  I didn’t have anything in particular planned for today’s blog, so I figured this was a good time to check out YouTube and see what I could find.

Hence, a little of this, a little of that, and a lot of cooking:

This video features Christine Ha, a current contestant on Master Chef.  She’s taking a break from graduate school to compete on the show, and it sounds like she’s an amazing cook.  Chef Gordon Ramsay actually had nice things to say to her!

This video from 2010 features a blind student at Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago.  She gets a job offer during the clip–pretty awesome all around!

I just discovered Tommy Edison, and I think I’m in love.  He has a whole series of videos on YouTube, and he’s hilarious.  You can check Tommy out at http://blindfilmcritic.com/.   I think I’m going to end up watching a lot of his videos to learn how Peanut can get around the world as he gets older.  I might need to send Tommy some beer!

I also discovered a Web site that I’ll need to explore later–http://www.lowvisionchef.com/.  They also had instructional videos on YouTube, but to be honest–they didn’t look like much fun (I’m more interested in the cooking shows/demonstrations!)–and Peanut has decided it’s time to play with Thomas, so I’m not able to watch them just now.

If you’re blind or visually impaired and love to cook–or if you have a friend/loved one who is B/VI that loves to cook–let me know your favorite tips, tricks or tools in the comments!  I have a young chef who’s eager to learn, and I’m eager to help him!

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2 Responses to A little of this, a little of that

  1. Although I’m not B/VI, I do appreciate the challenges for those individuals after having worked with them, and seeing how they cook. Christine is no exception, and she even astounds me as she does much more complex recipes than any blind person I have ever met. Some of the dishes she makes I have never attempted and I love to cook more than most. My family started watching one day last year when a Dish co-worker/friend suggested watching. The show is one of our favorites now on our PrimeTime Anytime recordings that we use for watching commercial free with Auto Hop. That way we can see more TV shows in one evening by saving over 20 minutes an hour. Sometimes it is fun to watch two episodes in one night too, which we did this week.

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