Adventures in Reading: Roly-Poly Man

The cover of Peanut’s copy of Roly-Poly Man. Yours will come without ink marks.

Roly-Poly Man himself, siting on his shelf. This is one of the illustrations in the book; the tactile thermoform overlays the illustration, so it’s 3-D, and the picture itself is definitely simple and high contrast.

Roly-Poly Man is one of Peanut’s favorite books; I’m pretty sure he has it memorized.  It’s from the American Printing House for the Blind (APH), which means it’s designed to be accessible for your blind/VI child, you can buy it with your kid’s APH “bucket” if you live in the US, and it costs a small fortune if you have to buy it on your own.

Like many APH books, it comes in a thick binder with two sets of three-ring bindings along the back; the book’s pages are in both of the bindings.  The pages are largely thermoform plastic over paper; this makes it so the illustrations are 3-D in the raised plastic and colored by the paper pictures underneath.  They’re all large print and braille, intralinear; the braille is generally on the left page with the picture on the right.

Roly-Poly Man is the story of a boy who makes himself a roly-poly friend out of clay.  The book can definitely be interactive, as long as you’ve got some Play-Doh or modeling clay on hand; you and your little guy or gal can make your own roly-poly friend along with the boy in the book.  The illustrations are big and easy to discern for early pre-braille readers; it’s a fun, easy story of a kid with his favorite home-made friend.  I think it’s helped motivate Peanut to learn how to model clay, and the finger-skills that come with that can only be useful later on.

The text of one of the pages of Roly-Poly Man. It’s in large print, with alternating lines of print and braille.

You can get your own copy of Roly-Poly Man for $54 from APH at It’s a sturdy book; it’s rugged and designed for little tactile readers; I’m fairly certain that if it can withstand my toddler, it can withstand yours.  I’m not going to say it’s indestructible (I tend to view that as a challenge, myeslf!), but it’s definitely designed for hard use.

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