Jog the Web with Kathy Alstrin

Peanut’s first TVI was an amazing woman named Kathy Alstrin.  She is an excellent teacher, guide and advocate for children with visual impairments, and she made an enormous difference in our lives.

Once upon a time, Kathy gave me a handout about a Web site called “Jog the Web” where she had put together a series of Web “Jogs” on a variety of topics related to education, generally early childhood special education with an emphasis on topics related to children with visual impairments.  Each Jog leads you through a series of Web sites Kathy’s vetted on a topic and includes her commentary on the site.  Once upon a time, she kindly gave me permission to share her Jogs with you . . . and since I just relocated the site information as I was working on some filing (I am a slow filer, to which the dust bunnies breeding on my “to file” pile can attest), I thought better late than never.

Check out Kathy’s Jogs at  If you’re not able to get to the Jogs from that link, visit and search for author KeecySubin.  You’ll be glad you did.

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