Tweet tweet

Sorry for the late post this week–Peanut and Sprout have finally succeeded in giving me their cooties, and I’ve been spending a rather large amount of time inspecting the bathroom, so to speak.

At any rate, you may have noticed that I haven’t been passing on as many articles from around the Web as I had been previously.  This is because I have started using Twitter for that purpose.  A lot of articles/sites have “tweet” buttons that don’t offer easy blogging options, so I’ve adopted Twitter for the sake of convenience and my sanity.  The links to the articles do still appear on this blog, however briefly–you can see what I’m tweeting about by checking out the twitter feed at the bottom of the blog.  Just scroll down–it should be there.

I’ll hopefully get a post up soon about some awesome vampire pumpkins Peanut and I made.  (Yes, I got the idea from Pinterest.)

until then–tweet tweet!

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