Louisiana Tech University Master’s Programs

From a mailing list I’m on:

Dear Prospective Student:

This letter is to introduce an exciting opportunity for qualified blind and sighted individuals through the Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness at Louisiana Tech University.

The Institute on Blindness was established in 1999 by the Louisiana Center for the Blind, one of our nation’s premier facilities assisting consumers in adjusting to sight loss.  Later in 2001, The Institute became a part of Louisiana Tech University.  Our purpose is to provide outstanding professional preparation for individuals entering the field of working with blind children or adults.  We are also committed to providing leadership in creating programs and conducting research that empower blind individuals not only to live
independently, but also to participate fully in society.

Our progressive graduate programs are unique because we combine the best of
university education and agency training to produce the most qualified teachers
of blind children and Orientation & Mobility instructors.  The Master’s degree programs at the Institute on Blindness are non-discriminatory and designed with standards and competencies which exceed those of traditional university training programs.  Our graduates have been sought after by eager employers from all across the United States in both public and private sectors.

At Louisiana Tech’s Institute on Blindness, we take pride in maintaining high academic standards coupled with a variety of meaningful off-site instruction, and immersion training at the Louisiana Center for the Blind.  As a participant in one of our programs, you will receive more than just a degree–you will gain very practical and personal knowledge about blindness.

Applications are currently being accepted for all our graduate programs:­ a Master of Arts in Teaching Blind Students; a Master of Education in Teaching Blind Students; and a Master of Arts degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with a Concentration in Orientation and Mobility (O&M).  For further information about the Institute, or any of our academic programs, please refer to our website at www.pdrib.com , call 318-257-4554, or email us at:

Teachers of Blind Students (TBS)
Ruby Ryles, Ph.D.

Orientation and Mobility (O&M)
Edward Bell, Ph.D., CRC, NOMC

Our graduates make a positive difference in the field of blindness as well as in the lives of blind people.  We invite you to join the team.  Currently we have limited financial assistance for a limited number of individuals seeking a graduate degree through either of
our programs.  For more information call us at (318) 257-4554.

We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to Louisiana Tech University and the Institute on Blindness.


Edward Bell, Director

Professional Development and Research
Institute on Blindness

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One Response to Louisiana Tech University Master’s Programs

  1. Kathy Alstrin says:

    Missouri State University also offers these programs and they are all online. We need more TVI and COMS professionals!

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