Santa Reads Braille!

Of course Santa can read and write braille!  He knows when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows if you’ve been bad or good, he can deliver toys worldwide in under 24 hours–reading and writing braille is on the mundane end of the magical skills Santa possesses!

If your little munchkin would like to receive a braille letter from Santa (no worries–there’s a print version that comes along with it for those of us whose braille isn’t quite as good as Santa’s or our kids’), fill out the request form at the NFB’s Web site, where the NFB’s elves are helping Santa answer his mail:

We did this last year, and truly–it was awesome.  Better yet?  It’s free.

I’ve pasted the NFB’s press release below.  Don’t forget to sign up by December 17 so Santa can get his letter to you before Christmas!

National Federation of the Blind Partners with Santa to Promote Braille Literacy

Baltimore, Maryland (November 19, 2012):  Once again, Santa has enlisted the help of the elves at the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Jernigan Institute to get Braille letters out to hundreds of blind boys and girls this Christmas season.  

Dr. Marc Maurer, President of the National Federation of the Blind, said: “Santa approached the National Federation of the Blind several years ago and asked us to be his helpers.  I’m quite fond of the fellow and was delighted that we could assist him in his work.  Braille literacy is the key to success and opportunity for the blind, but unfortunately too few blind children are learning it today.  This program will not only spread holiday cheer but will also serve an important educational purpose, as blind children will be able to practice reading Braille as they enjoy their letter from merry Saint Nicholas.”
Between November 19 and December 17, parents can go online at and fill out a Santa Braille Letter request form.  The form can also be printed and faxed to (410) 685-2340.  Beginning November 27, the Braille letters from Santa will start going out to blind boys and girls around the country.  The Braille letter will also be accompanied by a print copy (for mom and dad to read).  Requests for letters must include the writer’s name, the child’s name, birthday, gender, mailing address, a telephone number, and e-mail address in case Santa’s helpers at the National Federation of the Blind have questions.
The deadline for letter requests is December 17, to ensure that a return letter in Braille is received before Christmas.  
The National Federation of the Blind needs your support to ensure that blind children get an equal education, to connect blind veterans with the training and services they need, and to help seniors who are losing vision continue to live independent and fulfilling lives. To make a donation, please go to
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