Kansas City Metro Area: Kids Eat Free (or Cheap!)

Last night, as I sat in the sick child waiting room at our pediatrician’s office, I picked up a copy of iFamilyKC’s November 2012 issue.  Admittedly, the hard-copy magazine is largely ads–fascinating, colorful ads, but advertisements nonetheless–but it has one beautiful, outstanding feature.  When I flipped open the magazine to the last page, inside the back cover–yes, I’m odd like that–I found a listing of restaurants in the Kansas City Metro Area where kids can eat free on different days of the week.  Hozannah!

If you, like me, love a bargain and wouldn’t mind eating out once in a while, check out their interactive list at http://ifamilykc.com/kids_eat_free.php.  Some of these are “real” restaurants, like LoneStar Steak House or Applebees, so, if you play your cards right and visit on the right day, you can potentially have a meal out with your family where the term “fast” doesn’t go right in front of “food.”

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