NFB Summer Programs

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The February 2013 issue of the Jernigan Institute’s newsletter, Imagineering Our Future, included an announcement of this year’s NFB Summer Programs.  The programs take place in Ruston, Louisiana; Littleton, Colorado; and Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Information on the specific programs and application procedures is below:

Summer Youth Programs

All three of the NFB’s training centers—BLIND Incorporated, Colorado Center for the Blind, and Louisiana Center for the Blind—offer youth programs in the summer months to teach young blind children the alternative skills of blindness (i.e. cane travel, Braille, home management, access technology, and a positive view of blindness). These programs provide tremendous opportunities for blind youth to learn skills they will need to be successful, and to meet other blind children and successful blind adults. These programs are all open to students from across the country. Information about each center’s programs and the contact person at each entity follows:

BLIND Incorporated (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  • The Post-Secondary Readiness Empowerment Program      (PREP): This program will be held from June 10 through August 4, 2013. The program serves teenagers that are fourteen through seventeen years of age.      PREP provides youth with an opportunity to learn and have fun all wrapped into a summer adventure. Applications are due by April 15, 2013.
  • Buddy Program: A three-week program for children that are nine to thirteen years of age. Youth who attend this program meet new friends from across the country while learning the skills of blindness and embarking on many adventures. The program will run from July 12 through August 4, 2013. Applications are due by April 15, 2013.

For more information, or to apply, contact:
Charlene Guggisberg
Coordinator for Youth and Special Programs BLIND Incorporated

Colorado Center for the Blind (Littleton, Colorado)
  • College Prep Program: An eight-week program for high school graduates and current college students, designed to prepare      students to compete successfully in higher education. Students live in      apartments with summer counselors and other students. While at the Colorado Center, students learn the skills they will need to be successful on the college campus including: hiring readers, using disability student      services, navigating campuses, and using access technology.
  • High School Program: This program, which is also eight-weeks in duration, serves high school students. Participants live in apartments with summer counselors and other students. The students work part time at local community agencies. In addition to learning the skills of blindness, students engage in age-appropriate social activities and      organized recreational activities.
  • Middle School Program: This three-week residential program for young teens, ages eleven to fourteen, is an exciting      opportunity for young students to start learning the skills of blindness  early on. The younger students also live in apartments with counselors and  peers.

For more information, or to apply, contact:
Brent Batron
Youth Services Coordinator Colorado Center for the Blind
303-778-1130, extension 222

Louisiana Center for the Blind (Ruston, Louisiana)
  • The Summer Training and Employment Project (STEP)      Program: This eight-week program is offered to blind high school students  entering the tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grades in the fall of 2013. The dates are June 2 through August 3, 2013. Applicants must have an open case with their state’s rehabilitation agency for the blind. During the final three weeks of the program, students work fifteen to twenty hours per week at a local business, earning a little spending cash and gaining something      even more important—the confidence that they can compete on terms of  equality with their sighted peers.
  • Buddy Program: A three-week opportunity for students in grades four through eight. The dates are July 14 through August 3, 2013. Many kids face the prospect of being the only blind person in a school or district, and the Buddy Program provides opportunities for them to socialize with other blind kids, and to gain insight and hope from the counselors—all positive blind role models.

For more information, or to apply, contact:
Eric Guillory
Director of Youth Services
800-234-4166, extension 3009

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