Trick of the Day: Nail Polish Remover

Before having children of my own, I never would’ve thought that they would be the little bastions of disease that they are.  My darling little plague mice have gotten me yet again, so today’s post is going to be on the short side.

As many of you know, Peanut had major eye surgery again this past Wednesday.  The trick with major eye surgery is that it involves major eye bandages/dressings, and, unlike the patches many of us use for estropia, these dressings leave little sticky tracks all over our kids’ faces.  They’re generally hard to get off–it can involve a lot of scrubbing–and other stuff can build up on them, making your kiddo look pretty dirty pretty quick.

Enter nail polish remover.  I had heard this trick once upon a time and decided to try it out tonight.  I’m delighted to say that one well-soaked cotton-ball and 5-or-less minutes of scrubbing later, Peanut’s face is sticky-free.  There were bandage stickies on him EVERYWHERE this time, too–the polish remover took them right off.  No muss, no fuss.

Do be careful not to have the cotton ball too soaked–you don’t want to get nail polish remover in anyone’s eyes.  Peanut complained that it hurt, but I think that’s just him being sick (he got a cold to go along with his surgery, poor kid); I tried it on my own skin and can attest that there’s no discomfort.  It’s slightly cool, like an astringent, but that’s it.  Happy cleaning!

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