Tricks and Tools: Use Your Eyesight Wisely

Recently, Fred’s Head tweeted,

This got me thinking:  I’m a glasses wearer, and I have definitely complained about being “blind” without them.  Until Peanut was diagnosed as legally blind, however, it never occurred to me to ask how well I actually see pre-correction.  I’ve since learned that my unaided eyes see at about 20/400 or 20/500, which is right about where Peanut’s eyes see with correction.  This has turned out to be really useful information

Now, when I want to get an idea of how Peanut might see something, I take my glasses off.  It’s not a perfect model, but it helps me understand how close he needs to be to perceive something or offer feedback on whether something is high enough contrast to work for him.  It’s given me insight into how Peanut sees the world, and it’s helped me adapt things for him.  It’s definitely the first time in my life I’ve been greatful to be nearsighted.

So, if you’re nearsighted like me, maybe ask your doctor to tell you how well you see pre-correction at your next exam.  It might turn out that you, too, have a tool you never knew you had.


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