Wanted: Western Kansas Interpreter Mentees

Yes, I am clearing out the emails again.  Thanks for asking!

Educational Interpreter Mentoring Services Available in Western Kansas:  The KSDE Early Childhood, Special Education and Title Services team announces the  provision of mentoring services for rural Western Kansas interpreters delivered by Stephanie Winslow of ASL Interpreter Connect, LLC.  Previous services were provided by TLK Interpreting.  This skills-growth mentoring program includes on-site and distance mentoring with companion workshops delivered in your area at no cost to your district or interpreters.   Mentoring will include site-visits, professional development resources, sign language materials and individualized skills growth planning and execution.  Primary candidates are novice & experienced sign language interpreters practicing in rural, Western Kansas classrooms who need to achieve an EIPA score of  4.0 ( or equivalent) in order to generate professional level Cat Aid.   Participants must be current or likely Western KS school-based interpreters with access to high speed internet and video recording tools.   Capacity for the cohort forming now is limited.  Please assist by identifying and referring potential mentees to:  Stephanie Winslow –Stephanie@aslic.net

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