Adventures in Reading: Shake It Up Baby!

At our last trip to the library, Sprout and I found the most wonderful book:  Karen Katz’s Shake It Up Baby!  Sprout was so delighted with our find that she insisted on carrying it out of the library to the car, and again from the car to the house, all by herself.  She is, of course, absolutely right:  Shake It Up Baby! is a fabulous book.

Karen Katz’s books feature brightly-colored, high-contrast drawings of babies doing adorable things. The babies are large relative to the page, and the contrast makes them easy to see.  What makes this book even better is that it’s entirely interactive.  There’s a rattle built in to the spine of the book, so as the story tells you to “shake your rattle,” you can shake the book to hear the rattle that’s built right in.

The story is a rattle-shaking dance that you can do with your child.  With lines like “touch your nose, rub your tummy.  Shake your rattle . . . isn’t that funny?” it’s easy to use the book to interact with your little reader.  It’s a fun, interactive noisy book, and almost perfect for young B/VI kids.  The one thing that would make it better is Braille.  I wasn’t able to find a twin-vision version available online, so this would be a do-it-yourself project; I do think, however, it would be absolutely worth it.  This is a great book.

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