It’s Trolley Run! It’s Trolley Run!!

This coming Sunday, at the break of dawn–well, by 6:30 a.m. at least–a young man, just past his fourth birthday, will be bounding through my house shouting, “It’s Trolley Run!!!  It’s Trolley Run!!”  As I read this sentence to my husband just now, he wryly responded, “yeah, right, like he’s going to wait until Sunday.  He’ll be doing that every day this week.”  As you can guess, Trolley Run time is an exciting time for our family.

2013 Trolley Run LogoIf you haven’t made plans for this Sunday and are anywhere near the KC Metro area, please do join us for the 25th Annual Trolley Run.  It’s the largest annual fundraiser for Peanut’s school, the Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired, and it’s a pretty awesome event.  If you’re not anywhere remotely near the KC Metro area, hate the thought of running, are anti-morning or are allergic to public gatherings, that’s ok–you can always register as a couch potato.  You get a cool shirt and you’re helping a good cause–does it really get better than that?  Come to think of it, in this case, yes!  You also get the chance to win a new car (no, really), and for each $100 you raise with your fundraising prowess, you get an extra chance to win that car.

You know you want to!  Visit to register for this year’s race, or visit to learn more.  We hope to see you there on Sunday!!

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