Macy Act Call-In Day this THURSDAY, June 27th!

Who:  Johanna “Anne” Mansfield Sullivan Macy is the woman most of us know as the “Miracle Worker:” she was Helen Keller’s first teacher and lifelong companion.

What: The Anne Sullivan Macy Act is designed to enhance the protections of IDEA for students with visual impairments. As explained on the AFB’s Web site, the bill’s purpose is:

To promote and ensure delivery of high quality special education and related services to students with visual disabilities through instructional methodologies meeting their unique learning needs; to enhance accountability for the provision of such services; to establish a national collaborative resource on visual disabilities and educational excellence to supplement the current availability of such services; to support the ongoing professional development of instructors of students with visual disabilities; to foster the proliferation of research supporting the development and evaluation of effective and innovative assessments and instructional methodologies; and for other purposes.

You can read the full text of the bill on the AFB’s Web site at

When: On Thursday, June 27th–Helen Keller’s birthday–the AFB is hosting a national call-in day for the support of the Anne Sullivan Macy Act. This is your chance to make a difference in the education of blind and visually-impaired students in the US education system–kids like Peanut.

Visit the AFB’s Take Action site at: for information on how to take part. Visit Mark Richert’s excellent blog entry, “Make a Call, Make a Difference: National Macy Act Call-In Day on June 27th,” for reasons we should support the act and for links on how to take part in the Call-In Day this Thursday:

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