L.R. “Dad” Perry Park

Location: At the intersection of Harvard and Monterey in Lawrence, Kansas. If you turn east on Harvard, the first street on your right is the entrance to the part of the park we were at.

Cost: Free!

Web site: http://lawrenceks.org/lprd/parks/dadperrypark

A view of the playground at Dad "Perry" Park.

A view of the playground at Dad “Perry” Park.

After a GISHWHES-inspired trip to Stull last weekend, we met up with friends for a play date at the playground at L.R. “Dad” Perry Park in Lawrence.  Based on their Web site, I’m guessing we were at the west side of the park. There are restrooms right next to the playground, which is nice if you have small children with equally small bladders; in the women’s, at least, there are no doors on the stalls, so consider yourself forewarned.

There weren’t a great many toys in this playground for the kids to enjoy.  There’s a wall with holes in it where kids can play peekaboo or climb; a pair of hanging wheels, for lack of a better term, where kids can dangle and try to spin in circles; a beat-up concrete tortoise; a wobbly bench that’s not so wobbly (I think dirt’s crunched up in there so it doesn’t wobble like it should); and swings.

None of these elements were particularly conducive for a B/VI child to play; aside from the swings, Peanut’s favorite part of the playground was the sidewalk that runs all the way around it.  He enjoyed running around in circles, but the rest of the equipment was of no interest to him:  the wall is boring, the turtle too.  The wheels are too high for him to reach, and the wobbly bench is basically just a bench.

The swingset.  Under the flat swings at the right, you can see one of the black rubber pads clearly.

The swingset. Under the flat swings at the right, you can see one of the black rubber pads clearly.

The ground around the play equipment is covered with a thick layer of wood chips.  For some reason, there are black foam rectangles under the swings.  I’m guessing these are intended to stem erosion under the swings, but they’re acting more as a trip hazard than anything else.

If you’re looking for a fun playground to visit, skip this one.  The three munchkins we had with us were really only interested in the swings; once they got tired of the swings, they were pretty much done with the park.  The playground is convenient, with parking and a restroom nearby, but it’s also dirty:  litterbugs clearly live here.

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