Beulah Reimer Legacy

This past August, I finally did the unthinkable:  I joined Facebook.  Efrit and I were getting ready for our second year of GISHWHES, I was starting a social media project at work, and I finally caved in and created an account.  I won’t say my privacy fears have been unfounded or that I’m not occasionally shocked by my friends’ “liking” photos of unrealistically busty Asian women (must it share whenever they click “like?”), but I have been pleasantly surprised by the connections and agencies I’ve discovered through this social networking tool.

I was reminded today of one of these discoveries:  the Beulah Reimer Legacy. If you’ve spent any time hunting for twin-vision books for your kiddos, you know that the selection’s limited:  you’re just not going to have the same options as you would have at your neighborhood bookstore.  Thus, it was a pleasant surprise to discover this group that, as explained on their Web site, “offers print/braille children’s picture books at an affordable cost.”  Their online catalog has books in it I haven’t seen available from other sources.  They don’t charge shipping, and the prices seem reasonable.

You can learn more about Beulah Reimer Legacy at

(Note:  I haven’t ordered any books from Beulah Reimer Legacy, so can’t personally attest to their quality.  I do know other moms who are huge fans, however.)

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