Baby, it’s cold outside

Peanut and Sprout inspect our tray of snow.

Peanut and Sprout inspect our tray of snow.

After years of bundling up children, searching for snow boots, losing mittens and dealing with bright red cheeks, an amazing solution was presented to me:  bring the snow indoors.  The same day a Facebook friend posted a picture of her adorable kiddo playing with an indoor snow mountain and I had my epiphany, I saw the same suggestion made in other snow day posts, so this may not be an idea that is news to you.  If, however, you are like me and missed the Indoor Snow Memo, this idea is a life-changer.

All I did to make the snowy paradise above is grab the roasting pan from my oven and fill it with white, fluffy snow using a big KC Royals cup as a scoop.  This absurdly simple item kept my kids busy for over an hour yesterday, and, when we repeated it again this evening, kept them busy for another hour.  It was like a New Year’s miracle!

Things that make indoor snow especially awesome:

Peanut and Sprout drive cars through the snow.

Peanut and Sprout drive cars through the snow.

  • It’s a very tactile experience, and you don’t really need mittens.  Your hands get cold in the snow outdoors because of the cold air.  In the warm air of your home, it’s more like holding an ice cube–you are holding something cold, but your hands don’t get cold.
  • It’s as clean as you want it to be.   Melted snow is water.  All you need is a towel to clean up after the kids, unless they add materials to the snow.  (I’ve heard of people using food coloring; Sprout decided she would pour her cocoa on it to see what happens.)
  • No snow pants.  For anyone.  Heck, no pants if you want.
  • It’s free!
  • Even if the snow outdoors is dry snow, which is great for skiing, I hear, but terrible for snowperson building, it will become wet snow in a few minutes indoors, making it an excellent crafting material.
  • No worries about frostbite.  No timing how long you’ve been outside or looking at little red faces in worry–they’re indoors, they’re warm, it’s all good.
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