Share Your Story, Impact the Law

From January 2014, Issue 60 of “Imagineering Our Future:”

TEACH Act Collaboration

The National Association of Blind Students (NABS) is collaborating with the NFB advocacy and policy department in their efforts to advocate for the Technology, Education, and Accessibility in College and Higher Education (TEACH) Act. They are collecting stories about blind students’ experiences with higher education, with a goal of collecting stories from constituents living in every congressional district in the United States.

They need stories from current and recent students who are, and have been, affected by the lack of accessibility in the classroom, whether it was through inaccessible instructional materials or a lack of, late, or inadequate accessible materials. Instructional materials could be any form of curricular content, from digital books, to Web content, to PDF, to online digital databases.  If you have information to share, compose your paragraph-long story and send it to Cindy Bennett at Be sure to include a sentence of how accessibility guidelines would have prevented or solved your problem. Please include the school you attend or attended, and any congressional districts that you live in. For example, if your permanent address is in a different congressional district from the district in which you go to school, list both. If you do not know this information, you can use your ZIP code to look it up at

The second way that you can help is by reinforcing the appointments the NFB has with Congress. If someone has an appointment with your congressperson, Cindy will contact you with the date of the appointment, and you can call your congressperson’s office and tell your story. This will show your congressperson that one of their constituents is directly affected by inadequate accessibility and needs the TEACH Act. This part is very important as members of Congress work for their constituents.

If you have any questions, contact Cindy Bennett at or Lauren McLarney at For more information about the TEACH Act, please read the fact sheet found at

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