BISM Summer Camps

From the mailbag:


Still searching for a fun way to fill your summer?  Blind Industries and Services of Maryland (BISM) may have just the thing for you!  This summer, BISM Youth Services is heating up with two comprehensive, residential programs: Work to Independence 2014 for
high school students and Independence 101 2014 for middle school students.

These fun and Educational programs offer students a chance to:
* Learn non-visual techniques in Braille, cane travel, independent living, and the use of technology
* Build confidence through rock-climbing, team-building activities, out-of-town trips, and recreational water activities
* Earn valuable paid employment experience (Work to Independence)
* Live in college apartments with blind peers and responsible blind instructors/mentors
* Discuss current events in the blind community and build a  positive attitude about blindness
* Learn to pursue personal, professional, and scholastic goals while using non-visual techniques
* Explore Baltimore’s exciting tourist attractions
* Travel to Washington D.C. (Independence 101) and New York City and Orlando, FL (Work to Independence)

Join us for an enriching, fun-filled summer!!  At BISM we have high expectations for students who are blind or have low vision!  This summer you can build a foundation of skills and experience that will help you to achieve your future goals!

Please spread the word to students, parents, and supporters!  To find out more information on these programs or to submit an application, visit  For those interested in becoming a counselor for one of these camps, submit
your resume to Melissa Lomax at or Sarah Baebler at


Sarah Baebler
Melissa Lomax
BISM Youth

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