UEB Workshop

From the mailbag:

Unified English Braille Workshop


Sponsored by

National Blindness Professional Certification Board

National Organization of Professionals in Blindness Education

Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness


Rosen Centre Hotel

9840 International Drive

Orlando, Florida 32819


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2:00—5:00 PM



Participants will:

*        Obtain a working knowledge of UEB

*        Receive information about how code changes affect braille production and instruction

*        Have hands-on practice and feedback on production and proofreading of UEB

*        Be given resources for additional practice

*        Learn about National Certification in UEB


Participants are responsible for:

*        Registering prior to the deadline (Space is limited)

*        Providing their own Perkins Braillewriter, note taker with braille display,  or slate and stylus


Participants will be provided with:

*        Braille paper for written work

*        Comprehensive handouts in print or braille

*        Various practice materials


Cost and logistics:

*        Participation in the workshop is $40 for professionals and $20 for consumers and students.

Register as a “student” if you are a consumer.

*        Everyone must register to confirm their participation as seating will be limited.

*        Continuing Learning Units (CLU) will be provided to workshop participants


Register now at:


For additional information or questions please contact Maria at <a href=”http://webmail.kc.rr.com/do/mail/message/mailto?to=braille%40nbpcb.org&#8221; data-mce-href=”http://webmail.kc.rr.com/do/mail/message/mailto?to=braille%40nbpcb.org”>braille@nbpcb.org</a&gt; or (318) 299-8310

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