Free Money for Missouri B/VI Youth (Birth – 18)

From the mailbag:

Missouri Council of the Blind Youth Services – Blind and visually impaired kids (birth to 18) in the State of Missouri are eligible for up to $200 a year for educational items.  If families are interested, they will need to go to Missouri Council of the Blind’s website:  click on Membership, Forms & Applications, then look for the link to the Youth Services application.
There you will find a downloadable application as well as the guidelines.  Also, the program has a camp fund.  BVI youth of Missouri may attend 1 camp and have up to $600 paid by MCB.  This could be a day camp, church camp, scout camp, ETC.  For more information on the camp fund or youth services program, parents can contact Linda Gerken, youth services chair, at 660-826-1690, or call the MCB office at, (800) 342-5632.  The office will send printed guidelines and applications to families who request them.
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