2014 NABS Mentoring Program

From the mailbag:
Students, young professionals, successful blind adults, ambitious young adults, listen up, this one is for you.

For the second year, NABS will be sponsoring a mentoring program which will kick off during the 2014 convention, and build relationships which will hopefully last a lifetime.
What: Blind students and professionals in the student’s field of interest will be matched.
When: On July 2nd, we will hold our introduction meet-and-greet, which will be filled with fun games, and activities to kick off the mentoring relationship.

Who: Blind students and first time convention attendees will be mentees, blind professionals, and seasoned convention attendees will serve as our mentors.

How: If you’d like to participate as a mentor or mentee, you simply have to fill out a five minute form, which the committee will review.
For mentors go to:
For mentees go to:
These links can be found in the nabslink.org website.

The only way we can have a successful program is by having mentors and mentees, so come one and come all! Spread the word! See you in Orlando!

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