Location:  2500 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64108 (It’s by Crown Center, and you can generally get there through the sky walks)

Cost:  FREE!

Web Site: http://www.hallmarkkaleidoscope.com/

If you’re looking for something to do on a dreary afternoon, you can’t go wrong with Kaleidoscope.  Kaleidoscope is a children’s art center that is provided by Hallmark as a community service, and it is awesome.  It’s totally free, but you do need to get tickets to get in; check http://www.hallmarkkaleidoscope.com/visitor-info/ for details.  I’ve had times where I was able to walk right up and get tickets on the fly; other times, we’ve had to wait or had to go home disappointed.  If you’re coming from out of town or making a special trip, definitely check their Web site and get there early to get your spots.

When you enter Kaleidoscope, you enter a brightly colored wonderland of hands-on activities.  There are sound walls and reading nooks and all sorts of art just waiting to happen.  I think it’s a bit overwhelming, but my kids have both loved it every time we’ve been there.  You may need to be very hands-on with your children, but your kids can have a great time in Kaleidoscope regardless of how well they see:  Peanut has been to Kaleidoscope both with his parents for Family Art Sessions and for a field trip with his CCVI classmates, and all visits have been successful.  His only lamentations are saved for when it’s time to go.

The art supplies available in Kalidoscope vary by visit; you never know exactly what you’re going to find.  On our last trip, the kids painted paper butterflies that had holes punched in them so you could hang them to make them fly and decorated and cut their own puzzles.  You will definitely find Crayola products, given that Crayola is owned by Hallmark; we’ve found everything from crayons to stamp pads on our visits.

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